Drone Parts is a leading supplier of products, accessories, and services for drones. We stock a massive variety of high-quality products from leading manufacturers, all with various applications, whether they be professional or personal.

Apart from this, we offer comprehensive drone repairs, conducted by skilled technicians that put the needs of our clients first.

Want to take a DIY approach to repairs, modifications, and replacements? We also stock an extensive collection of replacement parts from original manufacturers.


We offer both brand new and second-hand drones for sale, and our selection is extensive.

Sourced from leading manufacturers in the industry, we provide products that exceed the height of functionality and quality.

Our new drones include products from Mavic and DJI, and are available for order online, making shopping safe and simple. Of course, you are welcome to order from our store.

Our second-hand drones are approved for their condition and quality, and are also available for purchase online, or in store.


We stock a wide selection of replacement parts for Mavic, Phantom, Spark, Tello, Inspire, OSMO, and Matrice.

Be sure to browse through our collection of replacement parts on our website.


We stock a selection of parts for first-person view drones, including batteries, frames, goggles and motors.


We also stock an array of specialised drones for photography from Ronin. Renowned for quality, this range includes the Ronin S, SC, CS Pro and the MX.


Our shop sports a fully equipped workshop for drone repairs allowing us to diagnose parts that need repair or replacement. We provide these services with quick turnaround times, transparency and expert technical skill.

When necessary, we can also offer repair loan drones when required.


If you would like to know more about our various offers on drone related services and products, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Drone Parts today, or continue browsing our website for additional information on our offers.

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RC Range ExtenderRC Range Extender
Drone Parts SA RC Range Extender
Sale price
R 225
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Tello CaseTello Case
Drone Parts SA Tello Case
Sale price
R 485
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Save 29%
DJI Spark 4730 folding carbon fiber propellerDJI Spark 4730 folding carbon fiber propeller
Drone Parts SA DJI Spark 4730 folding carbon fiber propeller
Sale price
R 350
Regular price
R 490
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DJI Tello motor (Single/Set)DJI Tello motor (Single/Set)
Drone Parts SA DJI Tello motor (Single/Set)
Sale priceFrom
R 150
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Save 13%
DJI Remote white lanyard strapDJI Remote white lanyard strap
Acme DJI Remote white lanyard strap
Sale price
R 75
Regular price
R 86.02
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DJI Mavic Mini Flymore ComboDJI Mavic Mini Flymore Combo
Drone Parts SA DJI Mavic Mini Flymore Combo
Sale price
R 6,827
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