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  • Car Battery Charger for DJI Spark (for intelligent battery and remote controller)
  • Wide range of inputs, 12-16V, charging output: 13.05V at 2.5A, with a 2A USB port
  • It will charge your spark battery in around 40-60 minutes as well as a controller or phone
  • The spark plug port includes a cover to eliminate the probability of short circuit and to ensure the contacts are safe. Lightweight and durable, built in fuse ensures safety.
  • Brand : OEM
Car charger for dji spark Specification, Portable car charger adapter, Charge both for DJI Spark battery and remote controller Built-in Intelligent battery charging protection module
Input: 12-16V USB port
Output:5V 2A.
Battery port output: 13.05V 2.5A (Max)
Net weight: 67g Package weight: 101g
Package size:16.9x10x3.1 cm
Package include: 1 x car charger for DJI Spark

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