Mavic Air 2 Extended legs PGYTECH

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R 300


The use of this accessory can effectively increase the height of the aircraft from the ground by 35mm, which can avoid the debris on the bottom of the aircraft from contaminating the fuselage or damaging the gimbal when taking off and landing the aircraft. High-strength PC + ABS injection molding and TPU soft rubber secondary molding are adopted. The structure is firm, stable and wear-resistant. It is designed with quick release mechanism. The design adheres to the same design elements as the 16A aircraft, which is coordinated and beautiful.
Please make sure the installation is in place when installing;
Please read the instructions carefully before use.
Main material: PC & ABS
Packing size: 122mm * 71mm * 30mm
Product size: front increased landing gear 50.6mm * 14.4mm * 14.4mm
                     Rear heightened landing gear 69mm * 41.5mm * 25.4mm
Weight (including packaging): 51.76g
Weight (net weight): 21g



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