XING X2207 2-6S FPV NextGen Motor (unibell)

Motor: CW
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XING X2207 2-6S FPV NextGen Motor (unibell)


* Unibell design

* Elliptical body, high-strength Titanium alloy shaft

* Large heat dissipation holes design (15℃ reduced compared to same range motor)

* Crush resistant damping bearing, eliminate vibration effectively

* 50%-80% optimal throttle output, best efficiency

* 160mm cable length for different frames and setups

* CNC high-precision machining 7075 aluminum Bell and Base

* 220℃ Pacific Heat-Resistant Copper Wire, Solid Wire Winding

* Electromagnetically matched magnets and stator

* Japanese Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core

* N52H High-temperature magnets

* Motor wire protected 

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